I had the chance to go out to the Conowingo Dam and take some pictures of the Bald Eagles there. They were not very active, and there were not a lot of them. I used a rented Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 lens from While the lens’ range was not that good because the eagles kept staying on the other side of the river. But what I did get was nice and crisp and very usable, courtesy of the f/2.8 allowing a lot of light to come through, I’m sure.

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Here are some other photographs:

Red Eating Lunch

The cardinal family that frequents my backyard bird feeder has been around lately in spite of the super cold temperatures. Mom and dad (aka “Red”) feed for a while and scare off the smaller birds. Then a juvenile (their son?) shows up and feeds. It’s only once they all leave that the smaller birds come back.

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I had a chance to run outside into the cold and take a quick picture of the Supermoon the other night. It’s tricky to photograph the Moon since it is actually moving in the sky. If you set up a tripod, you have to adjust from time to time to keep up with the Moon. It is also a very bright object in the sky, so you have to adjust your exposure appropriately. Most people recommend that you use an ISO that is the inverse of whatever shutter speed you’re using. So, for example, if your shutter speed is 1/800 of a second, you then use an ISO of 800.

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Winter Birds

We’ve been having some light snow and very cold temperatures with some gusty winds. That doesn’t keep the birds from coming out and enjoying some high-energy sunflower seeds. The red cardinal bird can be a jerk and throw his weight around, but they all seem to get their turn. I just have to remember to keep filling up the bird feeder the rest of the winter since some of them may just decide to stay close and not look for other sources of food and could starve if I stop.

Great. More mouths to feed.

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