The Pollinators

One of the best ways to practice your photography, in my opinion, is to just take your camera somewhere and try different shots with different subjects. Your subjects don’t have to be anything specific. They can just be insects or birds, trees or small animals.

My daughter was being a little fussy, so I grabbed her and my camera and we went to a nearby state park. I took a lot of photographs as she fell asleep to the sounds of all the animals going about their business. One of my “subjects” was a butterfly going from flower to flower. The telephoto lens did a great job of capturing it as it ate the nectar from a flower along with a bee. (Header image.) I had to get the shutter speed all the way up to 1/5000th of a second to be able to catch it in flight. (Picture below.)


Here are the rest of the pictures taken on today’s dad-and-daughter adventure:

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