My wife and I took the baby out for a walk around the neighborhood, and I brought along my new (to me) Canon 70-300mm f4.0-5.6 L lens. This is a very portable and very sharp telephoto lens. The quality was amazing. While the aperture may not be as wide open as, say, the 200mm f2.8 that is out there, this lens does a very good job at the 70mm and 300mm range (on a cropped sensor, it’s closer to 110 to 480mm). These three girls were practicing a cheerleading acrobatic maneuver, and I think that it was cool to get the stop sign in the background. (As you can see, the lens has really good bokeh for not being a wide aperture lens.)

Overall, I think this lens will be a good companion to day trips to the state park, the hiking trail, or even the zoo. It performs very well in daylight, and the ISO/low light performance of my Canon 7D II gets some decent shots indoors with artificial lights.

Here are some pictures from the walk with this lens:

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