The Girl and the Snail

A few friends and I went to the beach in Puerto Rico during a weekend to get away from the craziness that had been work there. At Mar Chiquita Beach, we climbed up on the rocks to watch the Atlantic Ocean’s enormous winter waves crash into them. To our surprise, the rocks were covered in tiny, colorful snails. I took this picture focusing on the snail in her hand. A little better lighting, and it would have been perfect.

A young woman holds a multi-colored snail in her hands. She is wearing a hat and looking down at the snail. There is a bit of ocean in the background.
Mel grabbed this tiny creature out of a pool of water on the rocks. I went for a depth of field that allowed her features to be blurred-out just enough to bring the attention to the snail. In retrospect, I would have more of her face illuminated, and her hair even on both sides. I’d maybe boost the color of the snail a little bit, but it’s hard to do because it’s tiny and it would boost her skin tone into a yellow color.
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