Something About the Old Film

My mother-in-law gifted us her old Canon 35mm film camera. (It’s an AE-1 Program, in case you’re wondering.) My wife and I took it on a trip to the Grand Canyon. It was my first time shooting with film in a very long time. The last film camera I owned was a Canon Elph back in the early 2000s. Then I used some disposable cameras on trips. I didn’t buy a digital camera until I got married a few years ago, and then I moved into my current set of Canon DSLRs.

There’s something about this old film picture. Yeah, it’s grainy. Yeah, I didn’t bother adjusting settings manually and just shot it in “program.” And, yeah, you can tell that there might be some light leak somewhere into the camera. But there is something about the texture and feel of the picture. Maybe it’s because I grew up taking film pictures that ended up being grainy. Maybe it’s because my best memories are stored in film and not digital. There’s just something…

Just for kicks, I ran the picture above through Lightroom and played with the shadows, highlights, noise, and dehazing. Not bad:


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